The Achilles Heel

Annie Whitman’s ordinary Midwest life is shattered with the sudden death of her husband Jack. Thirty-five and failing at life as a widow, she turns to the comforts of vodka in an attempt to camouflage the cold sheets of an empty bed. After spending several months at the bottom of a bottle, Annie stumbles upon a lockbox in the crawl space of her basement. Opening this box also opens her eyes to the likelihood that Jack Whitman might not have been the honest and doting man she married. 

The Achilles Heart

Annie’s past has caught up with her; her future is unknown. What happens next is up to her—with a little help from her friends and one Southern woman as full of wisdom as she is of good cooking. The Achilles Heart unearths the moral responsibilities behind life, love, and truth.

A tale of love and intrigue with a clever narrative structure and pleasant Caribbean setting.

-Kirkus Review


This is not your typical love story... heart break, suspense, mystery... but also steamy hot romance. BRAVO Karyn Rae! What a great debut.

-NYC Book-a-holic


The Achilles Heel is a captivating romance suspense novel that will draw you in with its intensity and drama, and leave you wanting more with its unexpected and surprising conclusion.
-Jersey Girl Books

The 51st State

Ana Hardy defines herself by the drive and dedication that have made her the perfect US marshal. Abandoned as a girl, with no family and no childhood memories to speak of, her past is a mystery even to herself. Hardy is ushered into a vast, secret underground, with only her former quarry and informant to turn to. There, she learns the powerful truth about her nation and herself as she's asked to do more than she ever thought possible. The 51st State tests everything they thought they knew about loyalty, trust, and the power of secrets.