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Karyn Rae Publishing is the online destination for indie authors. KRP was founded out of necessity in 2013, when I was working on publishing my first novel. While being stole from, belittled, and overwhelmed as I tried to get my novel published, I spent months attempting to understand the self-publishing game. After scouring through thousands of websites and spending hundreds of hours on research, I finally had the information on self-publishing, but I still lacked what I needed most: security.

 I waited on edits that would never come, spent months trying to find a cover artist who actually made quality covers, and engaged in online arguments with a formatter who only formatted half my manuscript. I wasted thousands of dollars on subpar work that I wasn’t proud to have my name on.

The underlying problem with doing business online is a lack of accountability. When you are face-to-face with someone in a business transaction, the other person’s accountability is much greater than when you interact online. It’s easy for someone to take your money online, and then block you (in a number of ways) from ever contacting him or her again.

These are the realities of the self-publishing business.

I have only recently realized that my struggle could empower other authors. My story as an indie author is unfortunately so ordinary that it resonates with many self-published authors around the world—especially those still in the trenches of publishing for the first time.

I’ve already made the mistakes for you. And now I would like to offer the solution.

What makes KRP unique from other publishing companies is acceptance. There's no query letter to craft, no crossing your fingers, and no waiting on an email that might take months to receive. It isn't up to us to decide if your manuscript is "worthy of consideration" or a "future bestseller." We aren't in the business of judgment. Nor do we take a percentage of your royalties. Your goal is to have a published novel, and we want to help you achieve that goal.  

Through my self-publishing journey, I’ve collected a team of honest professionals who know this business. You’ll get the quality work you deserve at a premium price, given exclusively to KRP clients.

Security, that essential quality so hard to find in self-publishing, is the sole purpose of Karyn Rae Publishing. KRP facilitates greatness. How great do you want to be?

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