As a longtime lover of books, I have often found myself wondering about the talent behind the stories that speak to me. Because of this fascination, I created Top Twelve (because ten isn’t enough), which will debut in January 2018. Top Twelve is a bi-monthly, online question- and- answer feature aimed solely toward readers who want to know more about the authors they love.

From author to author, the first ten questions never change. Informative and personal, we'll get a taste of what's going on in that fabulous head of theirs.


The eleventh question is submitted by a super-fan: YOU! (These questions will be heavily moderated and no inappropriate material will be tolerated). All you have to do to submit a question is subscribe to my website at the bottom of the page, and then follow me on Instagram.


The twelfth and final question comes from the author. The question is, What is the question you wished you were asked?   


If you're a published author, or if you'd like to suggest one, please feel free to send me an email with your suggestion. 


Author bookings will be posted regularly, so check back frequently.